Photography Through the Eyes of Rudy Caze


The photographers eye is an eye that surveys and lock in on its subjects. It’s a wonderful thing to see the perspective of the photographer it’s  even better to know the backstory behind the image.

We linked up with pro photographer Rudy Caze who agreed to showcase some of his work. I asked Rudy for some of his work and in a few words explain what the image means to him. So without further ado lets get right to it shall we.


Rudy: “Love , passion , natural pure love and fashion.”

TherteeSevenBlog: Spot on extremely pure and full of love. Those eyes draw you in, AMAZING!


Rudy: “Style , fashion , bold , family , brother , to Create that shot , I remember taking an average of 20-30 shot.”
TherteeSevenBlog: WOW! Love the expression, the style the scene  it’s eye catching. LOVE IT!
Rudy: “Love , secret love , sharing and one of my favorite shot.”
TherteeSevenBlog: Love the black and white touch, also love how the subjects are engaged. Classic feel to the picture.
Rudy: “Caution , passion , talent , style , for me what speaks the most in this shot is the look, everything about the look.”
TherteeSevenBlog: Two things that stand out. One is how locked in she is, 100% focused. The other is the softness of hands holding her hair, you can almost see the fingers separating. She appears very comfortable and feeling good about herself.
Rudy: “Taking that shot remind me of how beautiful and special a smile is… And able to capture that shot was just everything for me.”
TherteeSevenBlog: Very warm smile. Nice tone to the image also.
To see more from Rudy Caze make sure to visit
To book a shoot email Rudy at
also you can follow him on Instagram @r_kz_photo_

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