The More You Give, The More They Take

Deuteronomy 15:7&8

When you are living in the land of the LORD your GOD is giving you, there might be some poor people living among you. You must not be selfish. You must not refuse to give help to them. (8) You must be willing to share with them. You must lend them whatever they need.


As a people of faith, we tend to want to help others. We are especially compelled to assist with those who are close to us. The Bible says that we should help and love thy neighbor. All books of religion speak to helping, loving, nurturing, respecting, and just doing all that is good to others. Be that good person, do those good deeds…that is your purpose! We also need to ask for the spirit of discernment in who it is that we help. Does that friend really need help with their daycare or planning girl’s night out? Does that sibling truly need your assistance with the rent or going on vacation? Does your cousin really need help with the water bill or want new shoes? Does that coworker really need gas money or they are out of smoke? Help those in need, not those in greed.

**If you have a friend in your life and “the more you give, the more they take”, that friendship is fake **


Writer: Shandell Taylor

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