Ron Beatty Lifes Grand Get Free

No genre carries the weight of music like hip-hop. Artist such as J Cole and Kendrick Lamar have pumped new life in the game and doing it in ways that are not quote unquote mainstream. There styles have paved the way for other artist delivering dope ass perspectives about life as they see it. Ron Beatty is that type of Artist. With slick word play and cleaver rhyme skills its safe to say that hip hop is in good hands. Check out the the interview as Ron talks about how he got started, his plans and much more.

SAM_1004-Edit copy.jpg

SAM_1009-Edit copy copy.jpg

SAM_1012-Edit copy.jpg

SAM_1015-Edit copy.jpg

SAM_1017-Edit copy copy.jpg

SAM_1048-Edit copy copy.jpg

Follow Ron Beatty on Instagram @ronbeattync

Follow Thertee Seven on Instagram and @TherteeSeven





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