Misplaced Faith…


As Christians we too lose faith…rather misplace it. It is human and very flesh to misplace it. The problem is, we don’t want to speak to that truth! Ohhhh nooooo, Christians can’t lose faith! That is a sacrilege! The truth is, there are people in the Bible who lost faith. David had been anointed and chosen by GOD and still had issues with faith! Stop thinking that your flesh is above it and let us STOP teaching those on their Christ walk that it is wrong! We all go through moments in our lives that I like to refer to as “our own hells”.


As long as we are breathing we will be tempted, tested, tried, and detested! We all hurt, cry, wonder why, and feel as though our prayers fall on GOD’s deaf ear. The thing is, GOD doesn’t have a deaf ear! Every single thing that we go through is to make us better, stronger, better able to witness to others! Please know that your faith is not lost, just a little misplaced. We cannot linger in our sorrow. Sorrow is not fertile soil for joy. We must pull and push through this tug of war that life is. It isn’t easy, but it is very necessary.

***GOD is Love and Love is real***

Writer: Shandell Taylor

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