Coveting again, huh…?

“You shall not covet” means that we should banish our desires for whatever does not belong to us. Exodus 20:17, right?

To want more is great, that is growth. To desire education, love, healthy relationships…yes! We all want more, however we must work for it! Unfortunately we live in a microwave and jealous world. We covet our neighbor’s house, so we ruin our credit so we can go bigger. We covet our neighbor’s spouse, so we seduce them and take them in our beds. We covet our neighbor’s car, so we get a cosigner that we may afford said car. We covet our neighbor’s skin, hair, eyes, nails…what do we do? We darken, bleach, pop in color contacts, and get our nails extended. We covet our neighbor’s body, so we allow surgeons to slice and dice us! We are doing things that we may or may not be able to afford, all in the name of keeping up with the who really know them…the Jones’! Yet we remain unhappy! Why are we so unhappy when we have worked so hard on our lives?!?!? We are miserable simply because we paid for someone else’s life with our souls, money, and peace! Wake up, love you and your life. Desire for more, because that’s what you want, not because they have it! 
***GOD is Love and Love is real***

We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to change your life from the inside out!

Writer: Shandell Taylor

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