Model Brooke Jagger She’s So Rad

Just before the cold weather invaded the city we did a photoshoot with Brooke. Fresh to Atlanta she is ready to make her mark in a big way. We asked Brooke a few questions about modeling that you will find to be truly awesome.

TherteeSevenBlog: How long have you been modeling?

Brooke: I’ve been freelance modeling for about 6 years now.


TherteeSevenBlog: Who inspires you?

Brooke: My mom actually inspires me. She used to do runway shows for designers like Calvin Klein, Geoffrey Beene, and Oscar de la Renta. When I was a kid, she would show me photos of her on the runway and I knew that I wanted to do something similar. I’m a little clumsy, so runway walking was probably not my thing. But I love being in front of the camera and being able to convey different emotions and styles.


TherteeSevenBlog: What are some of your goals in life?

Brooke: A few goals I would love to achieve would be getting published in a major magazine or even just being on a large poster board in a clothing store. Also of course being on the cover of Vogue would be pretty amazing too. But no matter what, I just want to be successful and happy with whatever I end up doing in life.


TherteeSevenBlog: Tell me two bucket list things you have to do?

Brooke: Well I have always wanted to go to New York and to also see New York Fashion Week. Another would be to just travel the world to see all of the different cultures and taste all of the delicious food!


TherteeSevenBlog: So tell us whats your favorite color?

Brooke: I would have to base my favorite color off of the majority of colored clothing in my closet, which would be black. I think I read a while ago that black is an independent and strong-willed color which describes me perfectly.


TherteeSevenBlog: Ok, how about your favorite food?

Brooke: Hmmm, that’s a hard one. I really just love all food now overall. I actually used to be super picky, and then ate weird concoctions. I’d used to always put ketchup on everything, even bread and rice! Haha. But now I’d have to say that my favorite food is ice cream. I can eat that every single day in the freezing cold and still be content.


TherteeSevenBlog: Alright final questions back to modeling. Whats next from you with modeling?

Brooke: Hopefully lots of adventures! I will probably continue to freelance, but maybe one day I can sign with an agency. As I said before, I love being in front of a camera so nothing will stop me from that!

11.12 Brooke (801).jpg

11.12 Brooke (843).jpg

11.12 Brooke (861).jpg

11.12 Brooke (958).jpg

11.12 Brooke (985).jpg

11.12 Brooke (1003).jpg

11.12 Brooke (1049).jpg

11.12 Brooke (1068).jpg

11.12 Brooke (1105).jpg

11.12 Brooke (1139).jpg

11.12 Brooke (1175).jpg

11.12 Brooke (1207).jpg

11.12 Brooke (1216).jpg

11.12 Brooke (1260).jpg

11.12 Brooke (1274).jpg

11.12 Brooke (1315).jpg


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