You are not in collections, you don’t have to settle!

Why waste your money on something that is not real food? Why should you work for something that does not really satisfy you?
Isaiah 55:2


Why is it that we settle for less that we are worth, yet demand so much from those who aren’t equipped?!?!?

Even the Bible speaks to settling!

We settle for a mate because “at least I have someone”

We make peace with our lousy job because “at least I can pay the bills”

We relax into disrespectful treatment because “at least I get attention”

We find a calm with people yelling at us because “at least we are communicating”

We settle for an apartment in a crappy neighborhood because “at least I have a place to live”

WHY ARE WE BECOMING PEACEFUL?!?!?! What is it that we are so terrified of? Why are we not worthy of treasures? The simple answer is WE ARE! YOU ARE! Get up off of your butt, get out of your less than state of mind, look at yourself in the mirror and understand that you are worth greater than that which you’ve settled for! We have to stop whirling our wheels and spending our time and money on things that leave us empty. You can’t eat fast food and drink sodas and alcohol and still expect a perfect body! You are what you put into your mind, body, and spirit. We honestly don’t have the right to demand greatness when we are embracing mediocracy!


GOD is Love and Love is Real


We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to change your life from the inside out!

Writer: Shandell Taylor

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