First Love

You told me don’t marry a black man, but you’re a black man! Those words cut me deep, until his Royalty found me. You told me I was pretty like my daddy, he showed me that I’m more beautiful than anything he’d ever seen. When I got hurt you said “I’ll talk to him, the man’s getting old”, while his actions were lock and load. You missed most of my special events, while to him I am all of the events. I used to be your little girl, until you traded me for your things of the world. For your sake, mom always held you in high regard, even when your actions were of disregard. While you never made me feel worthless, I also never felt worthy, until he prayed with me. You’re not, nor have you ever been a bad guy, dads are just supposed to forever be ride or die. Some dads just weren’t taught and don’t know how. Some dads had fathers that bossed, not led. This is not me being disrespectful or rude, it’s actually a letter of gratitude. Had you not showed me what a boy is, I would have never recognized that man. Thank you!

All little Girls who longed for her first love.

Writer: Shandell Taylor


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