Get Upset, I’ont Care


You want to raise royalty, but how? You haven’t realized your own Royal lineage! These little boys are being treated as grown men and Kings. Why? They have not yet begun to have a clue as to what running a Kingdom looks like! You will then turn around and treat a good man that GOD Himself sent to you as a little boy! How dare you belittle and emasculate these Kings and raise up these little boys with a false sense of entitlement! When these boys that you raise, without properly rearing them, you are disappointed. How? How Sway?!?!? You have taught these boys that they are above any and everything, yet they have earned nothing! You don’t truly know who you are, if you can treat a man as a boy and a boy as a king. C’mon Ladies! You won’t spank or correct your little boys, yet you chastise that grown man who is trying to make you better. That man who wants to lift you up and treat you as Royalty! OK, this is gonna upset some folks, I’ont care! Let me explain something, it is written that “punishment and discipline can make children wise, but children who are never corrected will bring shame to their mother”…it is! It’s right in Proverbs, the 29th chapter and the 15th verse, check up on it. Our world is backwards, because of our women! We are the mothers of nations! We are the epitome of love. We embody the energy of this earth! We are the ones who is supposed to keep our families and children in line. We have to get back to raising children and supporting Kings. Agree or not, that is totally up to you. I know for a fact that this world is not where it could be, should be, or needs to be…and grandmothers are 30…

Look in the mirror, adjust you, and get your families back

~GOD is Love and Love is Real~


We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to change your life from the inside out!

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