Q&A with Pro Photographer Jose Chery

It has been a minute since we shared some work from photographers. Today we will not disappoint. We present to you some really great photography work by Jose Chery.  photographer out of the south Florida area, 25 years old make noise with his style of photography. Check out the below Q&A and enjoy the visual display from Jose Chery.


Image Of Jose Chery


Thertee Seven Blog: What inspired you to be a photographer?

Jose: The ability to document the big moments in life through an ever last image

Thertee Seven Blog: How long have you been a photographer?

Jose: 4 years

Thertee Seven Blog: What style of photography do you enjoy the most?

Jose: I enjoy Fashion photography because I’m able to create fine art out of the silent acting of models while wearing garments in such a way as to convey its physical sense. I equally enjoy candid photography because there’s nothing like freezing a moment in time and revealing how rich reality really is.

Thertee Seven Blog: Who are some of the people you worked with?

Jose: I’ve worked with artists such at rapper Wordsworth and singer Adanita Ross to aspiring models in the southwest Florida area. I think it’s a great community down here where we all support each other in moving forward.

Thertee Seven Blog: Where do you see yourself going in this industry?

Jose: I can see my self eventually doing work for fashion magazines such as Vogue or Vanity Fair. It may seem impossible, but I’ve learned to not let the that disrupt your vision as I’m currently a Software Developer even though I thought I’d never achieve such a feat.
















You can see more work of Jose Chery by following his instagram page @josue.1946

for booking send email to Jcareergoals@hotmail.com

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