Into Me See

I was walking in the grocery store the other day, this guy passed me and mumbled “the things I would do to you”

I had no comment or reply. I pretended not to hear him. I find it sad and comical, that he was kind of expecting a reply. It is flattering to know that “I still got it”, I won’t lie. That would have worked, had I been a girl of any age…but I am a woman in this grown up stage. The things you would do to me, huh? What about the things that I need done for me..?

Do you pray?

Are you willing to open doors for me?

Are you capable of loving me when I don’t?

Are you equipped to pray for me when I can’t?

Will you be willing to help me put on my socks when my pregnant belly stops me?

When I say “my lady got me bipolar right now”, have you a clue as to what that means?

Will you wake me from my night terrors, then comfort me?

Do you have enough faith to believe my character at all times and not the word on the street?

Can you just appreciate the beauty of another, without wanting to bed her?

When you think my car is low on gas, will you fill it up?

Will I have to take our son to the barber shop?

Will I have to take out the trash?

Do you know how to manicure the lawn, not just cut the grass?

What’s your credit score?

Do you love your mother and are willing to place me before her, when we marry?

Will you send me a prayer text?

When I have a rough night, will you call me to check on me…even though we just parted?

True Intimacy is all day foreplay. I am far too beautiful to allow anyone to simply physically undress me! Peel back the layers of my pain, so that you can appreciate our pleasures. Caress my fears, so that our faith grows. Make love to my mind and soul!


Intimacy = Into me see

GOD is Love and Love is Real


We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to change your life from the inside out!

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