Be Inspired vs Drawing Inspiration

Identifying when to be inspirational vs when to draw inspiration is definitely a gift. Being cognizant of who to draw inspiration from and know who can be inspired is challenging. Last night I spent time with a couple of good friends and well driven brothers enjoying positivity, seeing dreamers dream. Not with their eyes closed……I saw dreamers dream while wide awake… in and living for their dream. Maximizing the opportunity, living in the moment. Learning, teaching, sharing and participating…planting the mental fruits and hoping to see them harvest into success and financial growth and prosperity. The introduction of laughter sometimes allows us to share the pains we endure while reaching for pleasure. We let our guards down, realizing our ambitions maybe different but our wants, desires, obstacle’s may be filled with pain but could never be over shadowed by our finish line. A finish line that most never visualize exist because they’d experienced so many losses that they feel defeated before realizing we’re involved in a marathon, not a sprint. The starting block of life exists, the finish line doesn’t. We go and go…..and go but we never finish, share…we pass it on to our future success stories. We never stop because they can never stop…..the moment we stop, we’re back to figuring out how to start…..the struggle. Moral: give all that you have so that what you gain can be given to the ones that have it all to give before live desires it from them. Practice makes perfect, but there will never be a perfect practice……only perfect intentions. We are the developers and gate keepers of our future but we have to dream—but not while we’re sleep, there’s no fulfillment there!


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Written by Guest blogger Chad Bates.

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