It is written that “a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh”. Look at the world! Look at our actions as women! We want him to man up, be a man, stand up for us…we want all that we are not giving value to! We expect this man to say something to his mother, that woman who gave birth to him, that woman who raised him, that woman who could have died in the delivery room, that woman who sacrificed all of those years for him BECAUSE SHE IS TELLING HIM THE TRUTH?!?!?!? Can we be serious?!?!? You expect this man, who has put up with your demanding temperament and THOTful ways to just disrespect his mother for speaking your truth? Girl stop! We cannot expect the treatment of Ruth, while acting line the whore of Babylon, there I said it! Is it fair to expect anyone to follow the Bible and be that perfect Christian, when we want to be the exact opposite? We expect far too much out of others, knowing that we aren’t willing or equipped to reciprocate! I am not saying that a man should not love, honor, respect, uplift, and be a great husband, let’s not blend words into our own interpretation. What I am saying is give that man something to hold fast to! Give him the woman that GOD has created you to be. Respect yourself and those around you. I have been in a position, where I got so disrespected by family (for no reason I might add) and I refused to allow my husband to distance himself from them. Be the bigger woman. Be the woman wearing clothes on social media. Be the woman who gets lied on and he doesn’t question you! He knows they are lies! If your husband hears something in those streets and he questions you about it, there is something wrong! He should know better, with everything in him! You want respect? Earn it! You want him to leave his childish ways? Make him man up, with all of your womanhood! You want him to hold fast to you? Give him something worth holding!

~GOD is Love and Love is Real~


Written by Shandell Taylor

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