Legacy Left

Leave a legacy of love. So many people are selfish, about money, and so many other things that are honestly insignificant in the grand scheme of life. When you leave the place called earth, will you be surrounded by love, honor, respect, loyalty, grace, mercy, loved ones, peace, and prayer filled tears to JESUS CHRIST? If your answer is unsure or no, you can change your life or keep chasing all that really doesn’t matter. You are not here for you! Stop being selfish, greedy, with the expectation of grace. None of us are perfect! None of us were designed without flaws or promised a perfect life. We are however designed and created to love and uplift one another, to cherish, and honor.

DSC02554-Edit.jpgI can honestly say for myself, I am sick and tired of watching people treat their elders and other supposed loved ones as though they are easily replaced, if called back to GOD. See, here’s the real truth…get ready to get pissed and know that I could care less. You don’t have the right to cry over my casket, hollering, and acting like a fool when you didn’t show me love while I was here trying to love you! You haven’t cared about forgiveness and reconciliation while I was alive, yet you want to apologize to the shell in my casket!?!? You never gave me flowers while I was here,  yet bombarded the room with flowers that wilt, just like you allowed our relationship to wither.

I say again, if you are not living a life that leaves a legacy of love, the greatest gift that you can give or receive, yet never buy…you are merely existing. Wake up and begin to live, because out of all of the promises made to us, the only one for sure is that we all pass. ~GOD is Love and Love is Real~

Written by Shandell Taylor

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