It Can Be! It Can Also Be Real Self Inflicted

We have all been through something at some point in our lives. My hell may not resemble yours, but it was hell nonetheless. It is my opinion that if one feels in their spirit to speak with someone, about their mental state, they should. That is a very private and at one point taboo. I am also from the old school and have my “old school” thoughts that “We pray”. Sometimes prayer isn’t enough,  or so it seems. What if I need a listening ear and closed mouth? The other side of that coin is, people are not built like they once were. We used to take a lickin an keep on tickin. Now, our lil feelings get hurt and we run to the doc. That doctor prescribe pills for this pills for that, but they are simply life’s spills that can’t truly be repaired by pills. I fully support talking to someone, BUT where and when do we put on our big girl panties and make the lemonade outta the lemons? Depression is a very real and serious beast that must be addressed and dealt with. It is also a spirit that we must defeat! While most of these doctors went to school for a very long time to have the ability to diagnose is, they don’t know our real history and only get our side of the story. Am I depressed because I’m in an emotional/spiritual/mental battle, because I want my way and can’t get it, or because I’ve screwed over so many people now that GOD and his homegirl Karma are having me pay up…I can’t deal? Depression is real, far too real…so is the PTSD that my disabled veteran husband suffers from, BUT where do we try to gain control? Where do we stand? When do we begin to own our part? When do we fight back?



Written by Shandell Taylor

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