It’s always been my desire to put together a photographer model meet up. A collective of like minded individuals passionate about the craft. Well this has come to reality for me July 21st. We linked up with 3WheelMotionATL a crew of slingshot motorcycle riders. They came through lending there slingshots to the photographers and models for photographs. Shout out to Mike for being very instrumental in the success of the meet up. Check out the video and the photo-set and be on the look out for the next one.


For model booking send a message on Instagram to the individual model. Follow the models and photographers from the meet up on Instagram:


@mercybell1, @dabzadoo, @tayloreve.official, @africkasoul, @charismatic_chels, @_shersteen, @taliaarob, @iam_drd, @itspronounced_monay @therealnicolettemusic @alliyz_max, @america_beauty, @xelishamarie, @its__mercedes



@therteeseven, @c_verbs, @lawrence.barnes_photography, @visionsolegacy, @exuberant_minds_eye, @taliaarob, @leekstreetphotos @chayes_photos

check out the hashtag #3wheelATLmeetup

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