Thertee Seven Blog Featuring Model Lya

I got the chance to work with Lya a very ambitious beautiful woman. Destine for success Lya is COO of an Intimate event planning company. On this day we linked up and did a quick photoshoot during one of Georgia’s many inconsistent weather days. No, really the weather flip flops like crazy. With that said take a look at the promo video of Lya and photoset


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Photography and @therteeseven

Thertee Seven Blog Featuring Keneecha

Going back to my first shoot of 2018 with Model Keneecha. She is amazingly talented and we have hooked up for more photoshoots since this one. Look for more photo sets with Keneecha coming soon. For now please enjoy the photoset and hope you all have a wonderful week.


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Q&A with Singer, Song Writer and Model Nicolette

It’s always a good idea to get out and shoot with someone. Get out and enjoy the weather, Enjoy the sights and sounds of life. I linked up with one of my favorite models Nicolette for a photoshoot for the blog. For those of you who don’t know her true passion is actually singing. And I’m here to tell you she can really SANG. In the middle of our shoot I wanted to ask her a few questions about singing to understand how she feels about it on a deeper level.

Thertee Seven Blog: When did you realize you had a gift of singing(when did it hit you like I can really sing)?

Nicolette: I realized I had a gift in elementary school. It was my first time performing in front of a crowd. My two sisters and I choreographed a routine to perform 3LW’s song “No More”. When I got that rush of being on a stage, singing my heart out and seeing the amount of support from the crowd, I knew that this was the career I wanted to pursue. I knew that THIS was my gift.

Thertee Seven Blog: Who inspires you (and why)?

Nicolette: My inspirations stem from a collection of people. Anyone in the realm of blues, soul, R&B, Hip-hop and funk inspires me. From James Brown and Jr. Walker and the All Stars to Jill Scott and Musiq Souldchild to Amy Winehouse and Haitus Kaiyote– I’m inspired by many people of different genres. It’s because of the FEELING of their music. They inspire me to create music that people can FEEL.

Thertee Seven Blog: Where do you see things going with your singing career?

Nicolette: Honestly, I can’t determine the outcome for my singing career. All I know is that I want to make a name for myself in the music industry, be successful at it financially and just be happy doing what I love to do every day, sing.


Hope you enjoyed the Q&A with Nicolette Check out the below video of Nicolette singing the National Anthem live at the WNBA Atlanta Dream vs Connecticut Sun basketball game.


Here is a photoset of Nicolette during one of our photoshoots.


Make sure to download her new single on iTunes “THE WAY I LOVE” out now!!

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Until next time be safe good people!!

YotaBoo Thertee Seven featured Model

No script just get out and shoot, grab your gear and go. It was a blast working with Yotaboo during this shoot. We have another photo-set coming soon but for now enjoy the slow motion video feature of Yotaboo along with a hot photo-set.

6.2 yotaboo (43)-Edit-Edit.jpg6.2 yotaboo (66)-Edit-Edit.jpg6.2 yotaboo (67)-Edit-Edit.jpg6.2 yotaboo (85)-Edit.jpg6.2 yotaboo (95)-Edit.jpg6.2 yotaboo (105)-Edit.jpg6.2 yotaboo (110)-Edit.jpg6.2 yotaboo (123)-Edit.jpg6.2 yotaboo (135)-Edit-Edit.jpg6.2 yotaboo (139)-Edit.jpg

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Model Feature: J. Shenae Big Dreams Higher Heels

Photo-set from our day in the sun with model, designer, fashion blogger and stylist J. Shenae. Multi-talented and multi-faceted She even has the eye for photography. Take a scroll through the photos and have a wonderful Wednesday.

3.26 Shenae (2).jpg

3.26 Shenae (5)-Edit.jpg

3.26 Shenae (8)-Edit.jpg

3.26 Shenae (28)-Edit.jpg

3.26 Shenae (55)-Edit.jpg

3.26 Shenae (60)-Edit.jpg

3.26 Shenae (100)-Edit.jpg

3.26 Shenae (111)-Edit.jpg

3.26 Shenae (115)-Edit.jpg

3.26 Shenae (123)-Edit.jpg

3.26 Shenae (152)-Edit.jpg

3.26 Shenae (178)-Edit-2.jpg

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photography @terake10701

Model Feature: Kengi Banks for Thertee Seven Blog

We reached out to model Kengi to do a shoot for our blog a few weeks back. We hooked up and created some really dope photos and a nice slow motion video for you. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful week everyone!


3.25 Kengi (52).jpg

3.25 Kengi (3).jpg

3.25 Kengi (7).jpg

3.25 Kengi (8)-Edit.jpg

3.25 Kengi (10).jpg

3.25 Kengi (11).jpg

3.25 Kengi (15).jpg

3.25 Kengi (20).jpg

3.25 Kengi (29).jpg

3.25 Kengi (30).jpg

3.25 Kengi (37)-Edit.jpg

3.25 Kengi (42).jpg

3.25 Kengi (46).jpg

3.25 Kengi (48).jpg

3.25 Kengi (50).jpg

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Photography by @terake10701

Featured Model: Taylor Eve Round Two

This is a set I enjoyed shooting. It really was just one of those shoots were the outfit just flowed. Taylor Eve wardrobe at this location under the best lighting worked out awesome. This is the first repeat model feature for the blog and I must say I enjoy making photos with her. A True pro!

I hope all of you have a great week! Be safe and enjoy the flicks.

2.26 Taylor (1)-Edit.jpg

2.26 Taylor (12).jpg

2.26 Taylor (19).jpg

2.26 Taylor (45).jpg

2.26 Taylor (47).jpg

2.26 Taylor (56).jpg

2.26 Taylor (73).jpg

2.26 Taylor (96).jpg

2.26 Taylor (99)-Edit.jpg

2.26 Taylor (120).jpg

2.26 Taylor (132).jpg

2.26 Taylor (136).jpg

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Photographer @terake10701