Thertee Seven Blog Featuring Model Lya

I got the chance to work with Lya a very ambitious beautiful woman. Destine for success Lya is COO of an Intimate event planning company. On this day we linked up and did a quick photoshoot during one of Georgia’s many inconsistent weather days. No, really the weather flip flops like crazy. With that said take a look at the promo video of Lya and photoset


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Photography and @therteeseven

Thertee Seven Blog Featuring Model Riri

And I’m back!! Smiling from cheek to cheek happily bringing forth yet another dope model feature. This go around the fabulously beautiful Riri is blessing the blog with her presence and beauty. For this shoot, I reached out to Riri with short notice to shoot and she said Let’s Go! Hope you all enjoy the photoset and promo video. Enjoy the rest of the week take care, everyone!


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Thertee Seven Blog Featuring Model Eunique

Hello World and Happy Monday! I’m back with yet another fire photo-set for you. This week I’m featuring the radiantly beautiful model Eunique. Truly a great soul and a joy to be around. Eunique is not only a kickass model she has a really dope Youtube Channel my favorite being “Reasons to go Vegan“. We hit the ATL streets, creating some really breathtaking shots. Also for your visual appetite, we bring to you a promo video showcasing Eunique. Hope you enjoy the video and photo-set have a wonderful week everyone!



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Thertee Seven Blog Featuring Model Mercedes

Although the weather is a bit inconsistent in the “A” more often than not you have some decent midday weather. Back in early February I took the camera out and hit the streets with Mercedes. I know you guys have been wanting to see more of the model sets and I promise to bring it! Hope everyone has a great day and enjoy the rest of the week. I will deliver another photo set on Monday. Take care, everyone!


Until Next Time!

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Thertee Seven Blog Featuring Keneecha

Going back to my first shoot of 2018 with Model Keneecha. She is amazingly talented and we have hooked up for more photoshoots since this one. Look for more photo sets with Keneecha coming soon. For now please enjoy the photoset and hope you all have a wonderful week.


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It Can Be! It Can Also Be Real Self Inflicted

We have all been through something at some point in our lives. My hell may not resemble yours, but it was hell nonetheless. It is my opinion that if one feels in their spirit to speak with someone, about their mental state, they should. That is a very private and at one point taboo. I am also from the old school and have my “old school” thoughts that “We pray”. Sometimes prayer isn’t enough,  or so it seems. What if I need a listening ear and closed mouth? The other side of that coin is, people are not built like they once were. We used to take a lickin an keep on tickin. Now, our lil feelings get hurt and we run to the doc. That doctor prescribe pills for this pills for that, but they are simply life’s spills that can’t truly be repaired by pills. I fully support talking to someone, BUT where and when do we put on our big girl panties and make the lemonade outta the lemons? Depression is a very real and serious beast that must be addressed and dealt with. It is also a spirit that we must defeat! While most of these doctors went to school for a very long time to have the ability to diagnose is, they don’t know our real history and only get our side of the story. Am I depressed because I’m in an emotional/spiritual/mental battle, because I want my way and can’t get it, or because I’ve screwed over so many people now that GOD and his homegirl Karma are having me pay up…I can’t deal? Depression is real, far too real…so is the PTSD that my disabled veteran husband suffers from, BUT where do we try to gain control? Where do we stand? When do we begin to own our part? When do we fight back?



Written by Shandell Taylor

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Please Pray For Me

People all over the world, listen!!! Stop telling everyone your personal business! You have a personal life for a reason. You should also have a personal relationship with GOD! Stop asking people of the world to pray over your problems and pray for you. Most don’t know what to pray for over their own life and you’re going to trust them over yours? What sense does that make?!?! The Bible reads in Matthew 6:6
“But when you pray, you should go into your room and close the door. Then pray to your Father. He is there in that private place. He can see what is done in private, and he will reward you.”
Now you decide to ask folks who don’t even care and just want to be nosy to pray over your life. You are seriously trusting man with your future and not GOD? Not everything is for the world to know. You want these blessings, but go to randoms. Not everyone wants to see you get through this. Not everyone wants to see you grow and be successful. Some don’t want to see you barley existing, let alone thriving! Keep your deepest desires, dream, heartaches, pains between GOD, you, and your very small circle of prayer warriors
Here’s something that you may want to consider prey and pray sound just alike, huh (homophone)? I’m good, I choose GOD over flesh, with they preying selves over my life!

Written by Shandell Taylor

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Legacy Left

Leave a legacy of love. So many people are selfish, about money, and so many other things that are honestly insignificant in the grand scheme of life. When you leave the place called earth, will you be surrounded by love, honor, respect, loyalty, grace, mercy, loved ones, peace, and prayer filled tears to JESUS CHRIST? If your answer is unsure or no, you can change your life or keep chasing all that really doesn’t matter. You are not here for you! Stop being selfish, greedy, with the expectation of grace. None of us are perfect! None of us were designed without flaws or promised a perfect life. We are however designed and created to love and uplift one another, to cherish, and honor.

DSC02554-Edit.jpgI can honestly say for myself, I am sick and tired of watching people treat their elders and other supposed loved ones as though they are easily replaced, if called back to GOD. See, here’s the real truth…get ready to get pissed and know that I could care less. You don’t have the right to cry over my casket, hollering, and acting like a fool when you didn’t show me love while I was here trying to love you! You haven’t cared about forgiveness and reconciliation while I was alive, yet you want to apologize to the shell in my casket!?!? You never gave me flowers while I was here,  yet bombarded the room with flowers that wilt, just like you allowed our relationship to wither.

I say again, if you are not living a life that leaves a legacy of love, the greatest gift that you can give or receive, yet never buy…you are merely existing. Wake up and begin to live, because out of all of the promises made to us, the only one for sure is that we all pass. ~GOD is Love and Love is Real~

Written by Shandell Taylor

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