Thertee Seven Blog Featuring Model Riri

And I’m back!! Smiling from cheek to cheek happily bringing forth yet another dope model feature. This go around the fabulously beautiful Riri is blessing the blog with her presence and beauty. For this shoot, I reached out to Riri with short notice to shoot and she said Let’s Go! Hope you all enjoy the photoset and promo video. Enjoy the rest of the week take care, everyone!


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Thertee Seven Blog Featuring Model Mercedes

Although the weather is a bit inconsistent in the “A” more often than not you have some decent midday weather. Back in early February I took the camera out and hit the streets with Mercedes. I know you guys have been wanting to see more of the model sets and I promise to bring it! Hope everyone has a great day and enjoy the rest of the week. I will deliver another photo set on Monday. Take care, everyone!


Until Next Time!

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Model Natural for Maximum Authenticity

I love a good candid shot, capturing the moment as it was intended. Being posed by the photographer usually takes away from the moment. I prefer to give direction of some sort and leave it up to the model to interpret the natural motion.

5.6 Kengi (15)-Edit.jpg5.6 Kengi (20)-Edit.jpg5.6 Kengi (24)-Edit.jpg

If you look at the above picture the fingertips are a little blurred. This is due to the model Kengi in the process of a natural hand movement, it fits the shot. Along with the lens being a fast lens with a Fstop of 1.45.6 Kengi (29)-Edit.jpg5.6 Kengi (35)-Edit.jpg5.6 Kengi (39)-Edit.jpg

Talking while shooting is highly important, for one it feels awkward taking pictures in silence. As you can see from the above picture Kengi’s smile is a direct result from conversation we had while shooting.5.6 Kengi (47)-Edit.jpg5.6 Kengi (43)-Edit.jpg 5.6 Kengi (54)-Edit.jpg

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Purple Passion: Brittany Passion

We took a week off now we’re back at it! Starting things off with a slow motion promo video of Brittany along with a hot photo-set. We shot this at my favorite location, always finding new ways to shoot. Enjoy the photo set and have a great rest of your week.

3.26 BrittanyPP (101)-Edit.jpg

3.26 BrittanyPP (102)-Edit.jpg

3.26 BrittanyPP (107)-Edit.jpg

3.26 BrittanyPP (108)-Edit.jpg

3.26 BrittanyPP (111)-Edit.jpg

3.26 BrittanyPP (124)-Edit.jpg

3.26 BrittanyPP (134)-Edit.jpg

3.26 BrittanyPP (141)-Edit.jpg

3.26 BrittanyPP (144)-Edit.jpg

3.26 BrittanyPP (149)-Edit.jpg

3.26 BrittanyPP (158)-Edit.jpg

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