Model Natural for Maximum Authenticity

I love a good candid shot, capturing the moment as it was intended. Being posed by the photographer usually takes away from the moment. I prefer to give direction of some sort and leave it up to the model to interpret the natural motion.

5.6 Kengi (15)-Edit.jpg5.6 Kengi (20)-Edit.jpg5.6 Kengi (24)-Edit.jpg

If you look at the above picture the fingertips are a little blurred. This is due to the model Kengi in the process of a natural hand movement, it fits the shot. Along with the lens being a fast lens with a Fstop of 1.45.6 Kengi (29)-Edit.jpg5.6 Kengi (35)-Edit.jpg5.6 Kengi (39)-Edit.jpg

Talking while shooting is highly important, for one it feels awkward taking pictures in silence. As you can see from the above picture Kengi’s smile is a direct result from conversation we had¬†while shooting.5.6 Kengi (47)-Edit.jpg5.6 Kengi (43)-Edit.jpg 5.6 Kengi (54)-Edit.jpg

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