Thertee Seven Blog Featuring Model Lya

I got the chance to work with Lya a very ambitious beautiful woman. Destine for success Lya is COO of an Intimate event planning company. On this day we linked up and did a quick photoshoot during one of Georgia’s many inconsistent weather days. No, really the weather flip flops like crazy. With that said take a look at the promo video of Lya and photoset


Follow Lya on Instagram @lya_labelle also for more information about her company Love Runners visit their Instagram @love_runners

Photography and @therteeseven

Thertee Seven Blog Featuring Model Riri

And I’m back!! Smiling from cheek to cheek happily bringing forth yet another dope model feature. This go around the fabulously beautiful Riri is blessing the blog with her presence and beauty. For this shoot, I reached out to Riri with short notice to shoot and she said Let’s Go! Hope you all enjoy the photoset and promo video. Enjoy the rest of the week take care, everyone!


Reach out to Riri for booking on Instagram @africkasoul

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Thertee Seven Blog Featuring Model Mercedes

Although the weather is a bit inconsistent in the “A” more often than not you have some decent midday weather. Back in early February I took the camera out and hit the streets with Mercedes. I know you guys have been wanting to see more of the model sets and I promise to bring it! Hope everyone has a great day and enjoy the rest of the week. I will deliver another photo set on Monday. Take care, everyone!


Until Next Time!

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A day with Model Chloe

It’s so important to be who you are, at all times. Even when receiving direction to get that perfect shot, it’s the personality that delivers on the request. Chloe delivered in our first shoot together. Take a look for yourself, Hope you enjoy them. Have a wonderful week everyone.

4.1 Chloe (280)-Edit-Edit.jpg

4.1 Chloe (277)-Edit-Edit.jpg

4.1 Chloe (258)-Edit-Edit.jpg

4.1 Chloe (247)-Edit-Edit.jpg

4.1 Chloe (243)-Edit.jpg

4.1 Chloe (230)-Edit.jpg

4.1 Chloe (226)-Edit-Edit.jpg

4.1 Chloe (222)-Edit-Edit.jpg

4.1 Chloe (220)-Edit-Edit.jpg

4.1 Chloe (219)-Edit-Edit.jpg

4.1 Chloe (214)-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpg

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Model Feature: Fashion/Print model MAYA

What’s good everyone! Hope the start of your week has been filled with many blessings. For those of you that have been stopping by visiting the blog on a weekly bases I want to say Thank you.

Today we present to you Fashion/Print Model Maya the beautiful distraction. A class act and true professional destined to make her mark on this industry. Enjoy the video of Maya and photoset.

3.30 Maya (174)-Edit.jpg

3.30 Maya (143)-Edit.jpg

3.30 Maya (154)-Edit.jpg

3.30 Maya (161)-Edit.jpg

3.30 Maya (168)-Edit.jpg

3.30 Maya (172)-Edit.jpg

3.30 Maya (177)-Edit.jpg

3.30 Maya (186)-Edit.jpg

Proc3.30 Maya (206).jpg

Proc3.30 Maya (226).jpg

Proc3.30 Maya (232).jpg

Proc3.30 Maya (238).jpg

Proc3.30 Maya (244).jpg

Proc3.30 Maya (253).jpg

Proc3.30 Maya (258).jpg

Contact Maya for booking Email: follow her on Instagram @itsmaya_

photographer @terake10701